Dumpster Rental Service

How our dumpster service works - Just give us a call and we can discuss our dumpster availability and make an appointment for your dumpster to be delivered. As a courtesy we will call you 30 minutes before our arrival on delivery day. Once onsite we will work with you on the placement of dumpster, receive payment, and give you a receipt. After the arranged rental period we will pick up the dumpster. If you need the dumpster picked up sooner or need another dumpster just call. Dumpster rental is that easy.

Junk Removal
This service is simple: We haul away almost anything you do not want around. Most of the items that fall into this category are furniture, appliances, exercise equipment, electronics, playground equipment, lawn and garden items, as well as carpet and flooring. Items commonly found in closets, attics, garages, and sheds, fall into this category as well.
Construction Site Clean-up
Pro Container Service can offer dumpsters for your construction cleanup or we can offer our full service "rough" cleaning service. Rough cleaning will consist of the removal of large debris and excess construction materials from both interior and exterior perimeter of unit. Our crew will then scrape and sweep all floors. This service will help prepare for incoming sub contractors and can be repeated as many times as necessary. We remove lumber, wood, drywall, lathing wire, tar paper, siding, roof shingles, tile, marble, stucco, boxes, pallets, paper and plastic. Pricing will include the dumpster.
Foreclosure Cleanouts
We help real estate agents all over Kansas City and the surrounding areas with foreclosure cleanouts. With a struggling economy this has become a far more widespread issue than anytime in recent memory. Our cleanout crew will remove all unwanted items and debris from your property. We offer quick turnaround and in most cases can provide same day service. This allows you to put the property back out on the market and turn your property into a performing asset. Whether you property has a few items around the outside or needs a very extensive inside and outside cleanout service we are equipped to handle your request. We understand that time is money, so our mission is to help you save both.
Office Cleanouts
No matter what the scope of your project, we are the local choice of professionals. We can help free up your workspace of clutter or have an entire office cleaned out. All dumpsters will be placed conveniently so as to not interfere with your customers traffic flow or disrupt your business. We are your solution for any type of office cleanup including: Cubicle Dismantling and Removal Office Furniture Removal Filing Cabinet Removal Office Machine Removal (Computers, Monitors, Printers) Ask about free disposal on office paper and metal office furniture.
Storage Unit Cleanouts
If you are paying a monthly storage unit fee for junk you really no longer need have Pro Container Service come and cleanout your stuff. Or if you own storage units and need some help getting it ready for your next rental give us a call.
Landscape Removal
Our experts are ready to help you create a spectacular home or commercial landscape. We provide clean up and removal of leaves, branches, shrubs, bushes, brush, small trees, and any other green yard waste. We are the premier one time yard cleaning service. Great for cleanup after a heavy storm.
Restoration Cleanup / Disaster Recovery
Whether you are sprucing up your property or it has been damaged by fire or flooding, clearly you will have debris that needs to be removed quickly, efficiently and at an affordable price. We specialize in making your problems and your unwanted junk go away.
Many senior citizens find themselves with the need to downsize. Whether your moving to a smaller more manageable home, moving to an adult community, or moving to a assisted living facility the move will generally involve what to do with all your possessions. Sometimes it can be kept or passed on to other generations but invariably there are items which have to disposed of for whatever reason. Pro Container Service can help. Other Services
Front-Loader Services
Small Demolitions and Removal (Hot-tubs, Patios, Sheds, Fences) Light Grading Bulk Outdoor Removal Wood and Brush Removal